Communal Areas Cleaning Checklist For Property Management Companies

Communal Areas Cleaning Checklist: Glossary of Cleaning  Lifts, Hallways, Lobby's and Stairwell Within Common Areas of Residential Blocks. Our communal areas cleaning checklist helps our clients to manage and offer best  living and working standards to their residents. We follow strictly our communal areas cleaning checklist. It is designed for our dedicated fully equipped mobile team. They take care of the weekly cleaning [...]

Why Do You Need Property Management Company?

Property Management Company: 7 Reasons Why Hire For Your Residential Block/ Communal Areas Property Management Services Firstly, many leaseholders, freeholders and tenants will ask, why do you need property management company? The simple answer is: to manage day to day demands like maintenance, cleaning etc on your residential block, estate or development. If you are wealthy building developer or inexperienced first time landlord [...]

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