Kent’s Communal Areas Cleaners : Find Out on Essential Costs, Checklist, Services and FAQ’s For Communal Areas Cleaners in Medway.

Block cleaning

Serving as communal areas cleaners in Kent, our cleaning company, knows how important is to preserve cleanliness in multi-tenanted residential blocks. Firstly, we working hard in maintaining blocks, car parks, lobbies, reception halls, corridors, bin and other common areas neat and tidy. Our cleaning company boost of large portfolio of property management companies.

Further to that we serve housing associations, landlords, building developers and freehold owners with professional block cleaning service. We could be your contract cleaning team and help you improve your residential block appearance.

In addition to that hiring our communal area cleaning services it’s not a luxury it’s a necessity. Common Areas Cleaners are totally concentrated on wide range of size commercial and residential buildings. Therefor their management got to the point by entrusting our communal areas contract cleaners to superintend and look after them.

Each buildings require different tasks, but here are the most basic tasks communal areas cleaners in Kent provides to their clients:

  • General dusting of all surfaces, woodwork, metal and chrome fixtures
  • Hoover sweep floors- all carpeted areas, staircase, hallways, fire escapes etc…
  • Mopping all floors regardless of vinyl, tiled or hard floors in common areas
  • Dry wiping light fixtures
  • Wipe door handles
  • Wipe down and polish bells and entry door
  • Internal window cleaning
  • Daily or weekly lobby cleaning
  • Bin store cleaning, tidy, cleaned and disinfected
  • Car park swept
  • Litter pick where required

When our cleaners provides essential care of blocks and their shared accommodation areas, straightaway occupants will experience measurable benefit in regards freshness of the premises where they live or work respectively. Not only our but other residential block contractors like CCL Cleaners cleaning company in London will assist and deliver advanced support based on competitively priced resolution.

 What is the cost for periodical communal areas cleaning in Kent?

Firstly, you will think of how much communal areas cleaners in Kent cost. We can say that this mainly depends on visits required, number of flats in the block, parking charges etc. Secondly if our cleaning team have a chance to store cleaning equipment at site.  Our cleaners use of machinery and cleaning material. For that reason we will require in some residential blocks storage area inside building. Annual contract cleaning is available throughout the year. But when client wish to sign up to one, we are happy to on a monthly rolling basis.

Secondly, our cleaning company aspires to be professional block cleaning service provider in Kent. We have been serving and transforming many residential and office buildings. Our aim was always been to look much better and cleaner. To achieve a level of excellence is not easy but our ambitious team will work hard and try to keep it to the required standards demanded in our quality policy.

In conclusion we cover Medway area postcodes.  Our rapid expansion reached out further many property management companies. Common areas cleaners are contracted to many of them. Managing company will run for the tenants and residents things like booking cleaners, handyman, gardeners. The final cost for the service charge will depends on what tenants wants find advice here:

We can proudly announce that we provide coverage throughout Kent and South East of England major towns like Maidstone, Chatham, Kings Hill, Bexley, Orpington, Bexleyheath, Gravesend, Rochester, Canterbury, Ashford and Bromley.

1-5 flats from £45.00 per visit Weekly/Bi-weekly Included materials
6-10 flats from £55.00 per visit Weekly/ Bi-weekly Included materials
10-30 flats from £70.00 per visit Weekly/ Daily Included materials
Large development Please call for price Weekly/Daily Please call for price


Communal areas cleaners in Kent benefits 

  • Annual Carpet cleaning refresh at discounted price
  • External window cleaning on request
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Internal and external cleaning
  • Jet wash
  • Pressure washing
  • Bin store disinfection
  • Reception area, lobby floor buffing or polishing.
  • Lift polishing


  Communal Areas Cleaners in Kent Safe Contractor Accreditation

  • We are in possession of Health& Safety Policy
  • Safe contractor accreditation
  • We offer Quality Policy
  • Fully Insured cleaning company
  • Periodical quality checks from our supervisors
  • Experienced uniformed cleaners
  • Safety briefings in place
  • Devoted cleaning teams
  • Excellent cleaning standards

In Addition: We are a dominant provider for communal area cleaners in Kent. With repeated clients coming back to us, our staff is trusted, hugely respected. Cleaning teams have team leaders competent enough to run business itself have a firm sensibility of teamwork.

Our Basic Communal Areas Cleaning Checklist in Kent Involves:

Developing communal areas cleaning checklist is usually done individually. Different building have different requirements. Go here to check what does it look like a massive residential block and development.

  • Wiping entry door internally/ externally
  • Wiping door frame
  • Wiping down glass doors
  • Dusting letter boxes
  • Disinfecting door entry system
  • Polishing door entry system
  • Cleaning of lobby and reception area
  • Cleaning of superficial marks from finger prints, scratches etc.
  • Spot wall cleaning
  • Dust /wipe skirting boards
  • Dust /wipe any door frames
  • Spot clean doors from marks and finger prints
  • Antiviral sanitisation on handrails banisters
  • Polishing of handrail banisters
  • Cleaning internal glass and windows
  • Wiping down mirrors
  • Dusting and polishing pictures
  • Polishing lobby furniture
  • Dusting of radiators
  • Dusting of light fittings along corridors
  • Vacuuming of all floor in corridors
  • Mopping all wooden, vinyl or tiled floors
  • Cleaning of lifts
  • Polish lift doors and panels
  • Antiviral disinfection of wiping light switches
  • Cleaning of cobwebs within building
  • Polishing brass bell panels
  • Polish other brass ornaments
  • Litter pick car park
  • Bin of litter
  • Dispose junk mail into bins

Furthermore our communal areas cleaning checklist for residential blocks includes periodical deep cleaning: 

Designed from our communal areas cleaners in Kent checklist is important part to keep the common areas clean. If your block consist of washroom, toilet or shared kitchen area. For an example deep cleaning involves wiping down fridge handle or wipe down sink taps. Periodical deep cleaning  can be scheduled once a year and could be run into a cleaning rota. This way we will make sure all areas are kept clean. Sticking to the rota will help keeping the residential block cleaning, safe and free from bacteria and viruses.

Annual Cleaning Deep Carpet Cleaning

  • Disinfect carpets
  • Stain removal on carpets
  • Sanitize carpets

Annual Jet Wash or Pressure Washing

  • All external entrances
  • Pathways
  • Garden tiling
  • Garden benches
  • Low parts of the block

Annual Spring Cleaning

  • Thorough spring clean
  • External window cleaning
  • Disinfection of bin areas