Communal Areas Cleaning Checklist: Glossary of Cleaning  Lifts, Hallways, Lobby’s and Stairwell Within Common Areas of Residential Blocks.

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Our communal areas cleaning checklist helps our clients to manage and offer best  living and working standards to their residents.

We follow strictly our communal areas cleaning checklist. It is designed for our dedicated fully equipped mobile team. They take care of the weekly cleaning of common areas in many residential buildings all over London.

Firstly our block cleaning company is contracted to a number of blue chip clients. These are the likes of property management company, freeholders and landlords.

They are normally managing of different types of residential and commercial buildings. In every day. routine communal areas are the first point of visitors or residents contact within the development. That’s why  standard of cleanliness is from significant importance. 

Secondly we perform every day/ week communal areas cleaning checklist which involves: vacuum cleaning all areas, sweeping external pathways, general dusting and polishing. Further to that  wiping of all skirting boards, cleaning internal windows, wiping down window frames, window sills.
Also we pay attention to door knobs, doors, picture frames, any mirrors, polishing metal lift doors, wiping door handles. Our specialists replacing light bulbs if required. Further task includes removing cobwebs, wiping and polishing banisters, cleaning light switches , socket outlets. And the last thing is tiding up of the external parts of the residential building.
These is cleaning sweep bin area, cleaning of reception areas, lobbies etc, cleaning of communal toilets if any or messrooms. Lastly all hallways, corridors and stairwell within the block plus other communal areas that gets a lot of footfall from residents or visitors our block cleaners pay extra attention to cleaning such surfaces that people come into contact with.
Our common areas cleaners checklist involves for an example: surfaces such as internal doors, taps, lift buttons,  light switches, and entry door system buttons can all be high-use surfaces that may lead to the contamination with germs, bacteria, or viruses.
In addition maintaining such areas on a  daily or weekly basis with antiviral disinfectants or antibacterial cleaning solutions can minimize the transmission of bad bacteria or viruses.

This will help to keep all residents within the block safe from illness. The responsibility for the cleaning of these communal areas is huge. Our staff is monitored and checked regularly.  Most cleaning activities are fully describe within our working method statement.

Our Standard Communal Area Cleaning Checklist Services Includes:

  • Cleaning of entrance door
  • Cleaning of door furniture
  • Wiping down glass doors
  • Wiping letter boxes
  • Disinfecting door entry system
  • Cleaning of lobby and reception area
  • Cleaning of superficial marks from walls aka spot wall cleaning
  • Dust /wipe skirting boards and door frames
  • Spot clean doors surfaces
  • Antiviral sanitisation wiping of handrails
  • Polishing of banisters
  • Dusting and polishing of internal glass and windows
  • Wiping and polishing of mirrors,
  • Dusting and polishing pictures and
  • Polishing any furniture
  • Dusting of radiators
  • Dusting of light fittings dado rails
  • Vacuuming of all floors (as appropriate)
  • Mopping all wooden, vinyl or tiled floors
  • Cleaning of lifts and lift doors
  • Polishing the metal lift panels and doors
  • Antiviral disinfection of wiping light switches
  • Removing cobwebs within corridors
  • Polishing brass bell panels and other brass ornaments
  • Litter pick car park
  • Disposing of litter and junk mail

Furthermore our communal areas cleaning checklist for business premises like office spaces, shared kitchen messrooms or reception areas includes: 

The importance of  communal areas cleaning checklist is paramount. This should be shared equally among staff in office premises. Divide between workforce different cleaning activities. Such can be done easily after each use. For an example wiping down fridge handle or wipe down sink taps,. Other for an example can be scheduled into a daily cleaning rota. This way we will make sure everyone plays their part. Sticking to the rota will help keeping the workplace clean, safe and free from bacteria and viruses.

Daily Tasks

  • Disinfect and sanitise all sinks, taps, toilets, handles
  • Disinfect and sanitise and light switches with a disinfectant cleaner
  • Wipe down all surfaces including worktops surfaces, tiles, and splashbacks with disinfectant cleaner
  • Wash all dirty dishes and cutlery thoroughly with washing up liquid and warm water
  • If dishwasher in messroom facility ensure this is filled, washed, and emptied
  • Dispose all food waste
  • Change bins and replace bin new liners

Weekly Tasks

  • Refill soap dispensers
  • Change or replace hand towels
  • Stock up with paper towel if you use one
  • Clean all mirrors and windows with window cleaner containing vinegar
  • Mop all hard floors where required with antiviral disinfectant

Our Communal Areas Cleaning Prices Revealed

Best communal areas cleaning prices in town. Weekly or daily refreshment of your block, is that what you are aiming for?  You will be probably not surprised. But in every block of flats always a certain amount of dust. Neverminded internal common areas outside ones accumulates litter, cobwebs etc.. All of this is particularly left behind from residents. Not to mention outside visitors. They do not care at all. For that reason your residential block cleanliness can be placed in disarray.

Our communal area cleaning company is taking care of over 60 residential blocks and developments across London. We started cover nearby Kent, Essex, Surrey etc.  You can book your communal cleaning service online. Let our professional cleaners maintain the cleanliness. After each visit you will get, detail cleaned, deodorized and clean premises.

We are taking care at each residential block individually, The scope of work load differ from one to another. We tend first to pay a visit, provide a quote it, book it and do it. 15 years of experience on every current cleaning teams. All of them with fully equipped vehicles. Always ready to help in any part of London


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Residential block cleaning services

Communal Area Cleaning Price for Block of 1-4 flats is : £30.00

Communal Area Cleaning Price for Block of 4-10 flats is: £45.00

Communal Area Cleaning Prices for Block of 10-15 flats is £50.00

Communal Areas Cleaning Prices for Block of 15-24 flats is £60.00

Communal Area Cleaning Prices for Block of 25-40 flats is £75.00

Communal Area Cleaning Prices for Block of more then 50 flats £90.00

Communal Area Cleaning Price for Large developments please contact us

All communal areas cleaning prices are subject to VAT. Terms and conditions applies. 


No matter what we will provide a professional and experienced block cleaners at low cost. 

Firstly we will provide professional block cleaning services. We strictly follow health and safety procedures, method statements. We periodically review risk assessments and  our Health7Safety Policy. All of our cleaning company in London operatives undergoing training and regular briefings.

Furthermore all of our electrical cleaning equipment is annually tested. Accidents and other near misses are recorder and documented. Dedicated customer support is at clients disposal at any time during the week. 5* reviews and feedback on all of our works can be seen on Google.

In addition we have a fast follow up team. They will check and correct any misses. In case of emergency we have reactive cleaning teams. All of our communal areas cleaning works are guaranteed on daily or weekly basis. Read more here why do you need property management company